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“Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said she saw danger in the growing web of ties between police departments, foundations and private donors. “We run the risk of policy that is in the service of moneyed interests,” she said.”

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“Patriarchy is a political-social system that insists males are superior and everyone else is weak. Patriarchy enforces domination over the weak through various rituals of inflicted psychological wounds and violent impulses. One alarming aspect of patriarchy is the teaching that suggests males must not feel or express pain. This aspect of patriarchy suggests males should avoid emotional connectedness.”

NAFTA Origins, Part Two: The Architects of Free Trade Really Did Want a World Government of Corporations


Here’s part one of this series on the origins of NAFTA and our current trading regime.

It’s amazing what you find in the Congressional Record. For example, you find American political officials (liberal ones, actually) engaged in an actual campaign to get rid of countries with their pesky parochial interests, and have the whole world managed by global corporations. Yup, this actually was explicit in the 1960s, as opposed to today’s passive aggressive arguments which amount to the same thing.

Here’s the backstory.

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It’s always remarkable to me how long policies take to fully bake in the American political order. Right now I’m looking into NAFTA.

Only, when you do a search for “NAFTA” in the Congressional record and sort by oldest record, what you find are innumerable Spanish-language trade agreements and…

It’s easy to say that if people are just good enough, work hard enough, ask enough, believe enough, they will be like us. But it’s a lie. Winning does not scale. We may be free beings, but we are constrained by an economic system rigged against us. What ladders we have are being yanked away. Some of us will succeed. The possibility of success is used to call the majority of people failures. (via Filthy Lucre | VICE United States)

America is drowning in the opinions of old dudes.
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America is drowning in the opinions of old dudes.

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“Facing rising seas, we can construct eco-cities that act as scaffoldings for living systems, supporting local communities, with food and energy produced on site. Through a co-ordinated movement of civil society, we can dismantle the military-industrial complex and institute a peaceful world.”

Take Two 'Normal' People, Add Money To Just One Of Them, And Watch What Happens Next

“Dear english speaking friends around the world, Brazil needs your help. Maybe some of you noticed an intense brazilian activity on facebook, posts with images and long texts about the protests, or maybe not. This morning though, the New York Times wrote about it, and that’s very good (also, the fb page World Riots 24/h talked about it a few days ago). But the problem is that this article is very very mild about what is really happening in São Paulo. I wrote this to help you understand what’s going on here.
I haven’t been to the protests yet for some reasons, but many of my friends (real world friends, not just-on-facebook friends) have been there, and it was really sad and revolting to read their texts tonight, about what’s really happening…
The NY Times doesn’t say that THE POLICE is not only starting the violence against peaceful citizens who want to protest the bus fees (and they have the right to, according to our constitution), but they’re also brutalizing people who have nothing to do with the protests: old ladies, college kids, workers. People who happened to be there, going home from work or from school were, for no reason at all, attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets. The police attacked journalists, students, ordinary citizens who were just passing by. They closed a subway station and threw tear gas bombs on the inside, so even people who were on a train, going home, were attacked. They also fired tear gas and rubber bullets on people while they were shouting “NO VIOLENCE, NO VIOLENCE”. They fired against people on their knees, or lying on the ground with their hands on their heads. Some of them also put fire on trash bags and tires; at least one of them (the one who happened to be filmed while doing it) broke the windows of his own car. If they could make believe, through the media, that the protesters did it, they can also say they “just defended themselves”.
We are living in a city where the police acts without identification and under the orders of the state governor and the consent of the city mayor. And our news papers and TV networks are not telling the truth about it either. I wrote this in order to ask you for your help: help the world to know what is happening in Brazil, help the world to see how our police is acting against the people, and how our government doesn’t represent us anymore!”

—   My friend Marilia “Bombom” Jardim in Sao Paulo, on the Sao Paolo bus fare protests. Marilia is a costumer who helps run Dr. Sketchy’s in Brazil.  Here’s the NY Times article she’s talking about. (via mollycrabapple)